About Pennthorpe

Our Core Values

Pennthorpe was founded in the 1930’s by the Braby brothers, initially as a boys Prep school in Chislehurst Kent before moving to our current location in Rudgwick on the Sussex/Surrey border following the war. The school’s motto from the outset was based upon the early writings of Cicero in 55BC, our motto being ‘Non Nobis Solum Nati’ or ‘Born Not For Ourselves Alone.’

The moral framework of Pennthorpe is defined by a clear set of values which are born from this original motto and Pennthorpe seeks to develop our core values in each member of the Pennthorpe community as values for life. These core values are communicated in a variety of ways throughout our daily lives within and without the school. They form the backbone of our chapel themes, our community time across the school and in our village as well as in our daily learning.  They are also a key element of our rewards and sanctions: children are rewarded well for upholding strong values in both their attitude to learning and their approach to others.

During the year those children who demonstrate these values strongly in their day to day lives are selected to become Pennthorpe’s newest ‘Citizens’ (elected by their peers as outstanding ambassadors of the schools moral culture and a fine example to us all).

The six Core Values are:

  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Perseverance
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Tolerance

Happiness doesn’t flow from success: it actually causes it – Professor Richard Wiseman

Community time with other pupils

Supporting others through charity: local and global

Building lasting friendships

Looking after other creatures

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