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Future Schooling

At Pennthorpe we are ambitious for our children’s futures and aim to support parents and children in gaining places at senior schools that will enable them to continue successfully on their journey. Our goal is to give voice to their magnificent character, recommending scholarships and senior schools to celebrate the child’s burgeoning talents, and providing a tailored learning programme to support his or her emerging aspirations. Choosing a school for our children is one of the most important decisions we make as parents.

  • Forty six percent pupil scholarship rate over the past two years.

  • Leavers have progressed to over 35 different destination schools in the last five years.

  • Transitional relationships with over 50 schools

One of the great advantages of Pennthorpe is that we are not linked to any one senior school: we have no path beaten to one particular door which enables pupils to grow and blossom to his or her full potential in the direction that best suits them. Pennthorpe’s relations are diverse and we have successfully fed over 35 different destinations schools in the last 8 years. While this variety means we can seek schools that are suited to each individual child, it can also make the selection process seem rather daunting. That challenge is now made more difficult by a constantly shifting range of admissions processes and examinations and a perceived need for parents to be considering the next step earlier than they ever have before.

With our guidance and a strong partnership between parents and school, there is no need for concern and every reason to look forward to the journey ahead. Pennthorpe wants to work alongside parents at every stage and, in addition to the advice in the Future Schools brochure, and during the many information sessions we offer, Pennthorpe also values the importance of individual meetings and planning for each child’s future. No two children are the same and, for this reason, the process of choosing a future school must be both flexible and bespoke.

Increased choices and options in choosing a senior school present steep but exciting challenges for Prep Schools and Pennthorpe has been careful to build excellent relationships with senior schools, designing a curriculum in the senior years to meet their different admissions needs without compromising on our excellent academic standards or renowned breadth and creativity. We want to sustain the joys of a proper childhood as long as we can and reduce the pressure on our young but we also want to ensure our children are fully prepared both for the various entrance processes and effective transition to their senior schools. This sort of preparation takes time and care and we have such an exceptional team to support parents, every step of the way.

Our ‘Preparing for Future Schooling’ brochure provides a detailed outline of our processes and procedures to make the journey as simple as possible.


“Why choose a room in the basement at a senior school when you could have the penthouse suite at Pennthorpe?”—Alexia Bolton, Headmistress

Exceptional relations with a diverse range of Senior Schools

Finding the right school for your child to suit their strengths and passions

Extending the pupils through our own version of Common Entrance

Pupils are prepared for the next steps over four years: no cramming or stress

Scholarship preparation through workshops, in school tutoring, visits and TalentPool

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