Pre-Prep (2-7 years)

Pastoral Care & Pupil Wellbeing

Pupil Wellbeing:

The wellbeing of our children is paramount in everything we do at Pennthorpe and there are a multitude of systems in place to ensure we uphold the safety and welfare of your children together. While the academics is imperative, the happiness of our children is at the forefront and without happy, enthusiastic children, there will be no learning.

School Motto and Six Core Values:

The moral framework of the school is defined by a clear set of values which we seek to develop in each member of the school community as values for life. These values are communicated in a variety of ways throughout our daily lives within and without the school. They form the backbone of our half termly chapel themes and are directly associated with our school motto – ‘Born Not For Ourselves Alone’. During the year those children who demonstrate they hold these values most dear are selected to become the school’s newest Citizens.

Our Six Core Values are:

  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Positivity
  • Perseverance
  • Tolerance

Key Person:

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requires every child to have a Key Person and a deputy Key Person. The Key Person ensures that every child’s learning and care is tailored to meet their individual needs. The Key Person will support parents in guiding their child’s development at home. Specialist support will be advised if appropriate. Parents can turn to their child’s Key Person for information, reassurance and to share concerns about the continuity of care, learning and development for their child. Parents are, however, welcome to talk to any member of staff with whom they feel comfortable.

Celebration of Achievements and Class Assemblies:

One of the highlights of the week is our Celebration Assembly. This is the time when the children come together to reflect on the week and celebrate
children’s achievements. In both assemblies, this will be of an academic focus and of a pastoral nature. This is extra special and is a great opportunity to see and hear what they have been up to! It is also an extra special time for teachers as we
are always so proud of our children’s achievements!

Behavioural Expectations:

Throughout Pennthorpe, we aim to provide a calm, friendly atmosphere where children feel valued as individuals and staff respond to them with warmth
and respect. We speak to the children in a positive way, praise kindness and good behaviour and share in their achievements. Inevitably however, young children may sometimes find it difficult to share or wait for their turn. If we see a problem like this arising, we will remove a child from the immediate situation and explain to them why their behaviour is unacceptable. After a short time, they will be able to return to the activity with a reminder of what is expected.If a situation is serious or causing continuous concern, we will inform parents and ask for support in solving the problem.

Rewards and Sanctions:

We have a system of rewards in the Pre-Prep which acknowledge our whole school values along with effort, achievement, kindness and positive attitudestowards work and challenges.


All children from Reception will be allocated a House. At Pennthorpe we have the following:

  • Tismans – Yellow
  • Pallinghurst – Blue
  • Baynards – Red
  • Gaskyns – Green

The children will be in their House right the way through their Pennthorpe life. Houses are an integral part of each school day. House points or pluses as they are known, are earned for all sorts of positive things. Children might earn a plus for an amazing piece of work or for holding a door open for a grown up. They might earn one for even having a beautiful smile! All pluses go towards a whole school total and therefore a chance of winning the House Shield/Cup. We have many Inter House competitions too. These cover all sorts of areas such as swimming, netball, rugby and music. We even have an annual quiz and Easter egg hunt competition which quite often is the most competitive of all!

Happiness Survey:

Every term we carry out a happiness survey with children from Reception. We use the Children’s happiness scale which generates a happiness score. We then track this on our happiness tracker so that we can monitor a pupil’s happiness over an extended period of time. The analysis of the data allows us to identify any themes for a cohort or across the school, which we are then able to address. Individual pupils who have come out with a lower score will have a Tutorial so we can unpick areas causing them unhappiness or worry.

We strongly believe that happiness and emotional well-being should be valued and monitored, just as closely as academic success, and we are committed in our desire to ensure that all our pupils at Pennthorpe are happy, healthy and flourishing.


“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”—Tolkein

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