Pre-Prep (2-7 years)

Pre-Prep Teaching and Learning

The teaching and learning process in the Pre-Prep is at the centre of all we do. We aim to offer our children a rich and varied learning experience which teaches new skills and knowledge, whilst allowing children to achieve those ‘light bulb moments’ which we are so well known for. We prepare children for future learning in the fullest sense, ensuring that children become well rounded, independent and confident learners. Our Learning Values are vital in the development of future-ready skills and you will see these being practiced every day, in all that the children do.

As educators, we want our children to leave Pennthorpe ready to step into a rapidly growing and innovative world. The ability to think creatively and explore new ideas will be vital to our children’s futures. This starts even with our very youngest children. Those early days of fitting train track pieces together, or working out which welly goes on which foot, are valuable learning experiences and we recognise and embrace this. So, where better to start preparing for the future than Pennthorpe Pre-Prep?
You will find our classrooms full of creative thinking. Our approach to education encourages children to think for themselves, explore their world and surroundings and question what they find. Buzz and vibrancy flows through our school and children are enveloped in curriculum learning and engaged with a creative spark. One day you might be walking through a forest, the next learning what it was like to be fighting the flames during The Great Fire of London.
For our youngest children, at the centre of this is play. This vital vehicle for development helps children to grow many skills and thought processes. Play is the work of the child, during which so many life skills are practiced and rehearsed. Children will experiment, imitate, negotiate, test and prepare for life. It is more than ‘just play’ at Pennthorpe!

Growth Mindset:

Pennthorpe children are wonderful individuals with their own interests, needs, talents and passions. Motivation is the key to pupil achievement at any
age. Here at Pennthorpe creativity flows through our teaching methods which allows us to ignite interests, inspire passions and appeal to all learners. Pupils are still discovering for themselves which learning methods work best for them, therefore we recognise and take account of this through careful, creative planning so that children have a rich learning experience and can discover what works best for them.
We celebrate what a child excels in, but also encourage and motivate children to take risks and find ways of finding solutions for themselves to conquer fears and challenges in their voyages of discovery. It is always important to remember that it is through making mistakes and taking on new challenges and risks that we ultimately learn and succeed.

Sharing our thoughts with one another

Working together to maximise our learning

Everyone progresses at their own rate

Persevering, and getting to grips, with complex phenomena

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