Prep (7-13 Years)

Prep Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning for the real world involves the recognition that the world is changing and the acceptance that we may not know what it will look like in terms of career opportunities or life for our children. At Pennthorpe Prep, we aim to prepare children for that uncertainty. Subject specific content knowledge will continue to be imperative for passing compulsory examinations, but it is more important now more than ever, that we instil in our children the capacity to own and be in charge of, their own learning. At Pennthorpe Prep we offer an education that continues to value knowledge acquisition and retention but not at the expense of creativity, communication, self and social awareness, resilience and all the other skills necessary for lifelong success and contentment.

The academic Prep curriculum at Pennthorpe is rigorous and extensive with pupils enjoying a significant degree of English, Maths, Science and Languages each week, carefully littered with Humanities, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Sport. Pupils are set for these subjects and taught by specialist teachers: this offers the pupils the expertise and passion offered by specialist teachers using purpose built facilities. Homework is set for children in each of these academic subjects on a weekly basis. Children are also offered a range of drop in clinics and catch up clubs where they can seek additional support or revisit elements of the curriculum if they choose.

All academic work is heavily differentiated to suit the needs of the children: this is even the case within the sets. Work is structured to encourage independence, develop resilience and curiosity as well as enabling the children to experience and relish success. Children enjoy being pushed out of their comfort zones and taking risks as Pennthorpe.


Technology enhances pupil learning

Independent learning in the classroom

Extensive STEM programme

Focus and engagement in learning

Hands on learning in our Design and Technology suite

Extensive musical opportunities

Time to let of steam in nature in our wonderful grounds

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