Prep (7-13 Years)

Prep Creative Arts

Art and Design

Our children deserve a broad and balanced education and at Pennthorpe we endeavour to offer opportunities to explore and respond to the world around them. It is our aim to generate enthusiasm in all pupils and provide educational, challenging, varied and enjoyable experiences. We do this by providing an environment which cultivates and actively encourages creativity and talent through:

  • Practical work developed by an ethos of praise and constructive dialogue between the pupil and teacher.
  • Exposure to a wide range of media and techniques.
  • Cultivating an appreciation of art and design through the pupils’ own work.
  • The opportunity to learn about the history of Art and Design as a source of inspiration.

All pupils are encouraged to develop their work in a sketchbook, refining their skills with guidance from the teacher rather than instruction, whenever possible.

Our Art studies in Prep range from self portraiture to creating mosaics, sculpture to ceramics, clay creatures to recycling projects, print making to drawing and painting. There is certainly something for everyone!

Design and Technology:

Design and Technology combines the fusion of arts, sciences and technology.  At Pennthorpe the subject has traditionally focused upon resistant materials, however the department ambition is to broaden and develop the curriculum to explore links to new technologies and engineering as well as including textiles and eventually food.

Through designing and making functional products, pupils apply and enhance their knowledge of core subjects such as Maths and Science. Pupils are encouraged: –

  • to think for themselves
  • work together
  • explore materials and ideas
  • develop their skills and curiosity

Our Design and Technology studies in Prep range from making fabric monsters to baking Christmas cakes, creating electric circuits to adapting chassis’ for battery operation, from creating acrylic pieces to Google SketchUps and metal work. The possibilities are endless!

A study of irises and tulips

An inspirational trip to the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition 2019

From prototype to finished product

A design of two halves: studying a Mayan Mask

Creating beauty for our outside spaces

French knitting in the sun

Creating beautifully unique pewter jewellery

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