Prep (7-13 Years)

Prep Languages

The Modern Languages Department aims to introduce every child at Pennthorpe to French at the earliest opportunity. Every child, regardless of ability, are given the opportunity to learn at least one Modern Foreign Language. We aim to introduce the majority of pupils to a second Modern Foreign Language in their final two years at Pennthorpe, which is usually German or Spanish.

Latin lessons are also available for some children.

Our aims in teaching Modern Foreign Languages are that pupils will:

  • Approach language learning with a sense of enjoyment and confidence
  • Acquire a vocabulary base appropriate to their level of maturity and ability, which will both equip them for examination purposes and also enable them to understand and communicate with native speakers of the target language
  • Develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to the maximum potential of their individual ability
  • Develop skills and strategies for memorising material
  • Develop an independent approach to the target language through use of reference, links with other languages and context
  • Gain insight into the cultural life of other countries (through teaching topics and resources, visiting groups, languages week and school trips) consequently making pupils more aware of their own culture and promoting tolerance and respect for different cultures
  • Understand the relevance of Modern Languages to the modern world
  • Improve personal skills of communication and cooperation with others
  • Use technology to enhance their language learning and their presentation of information

Our objectives are to:

  • Give all pupils a secure grounding in at least one Foreign Language
  • Give the majority of pupils a secure grounding in the second language of their choice
  • Prepare pupils for GCSE courses in their future schools
  • Prepare pupils taking Academic Scholarships for the French Examination at the future schools

Role play helps to get to grips with language and culture

Learning about cuisine from other countries with our restaurant themed Fridays

Learning about cuisine from other countries with a Spanish breakfast

Cultural immersion on a visit to a market in France

Learning about cuisine from other countries with a German breakfast

Time out on the beach on a trip to France

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