Prep (7-13 Years)

Prep Performing Arts


Our aims in the music department are to stimulate and maintain pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in music from an early age and to promote ‘musicking’ as a source of pleasure, an important part of leisure activities and a life skill. Pupils enjoy a weekly lesson with the Director of Performing Arts but have significant opportunities to play musical instruments, be part of musical groups such as Chapel Choir, Rock band, Stage Band as well as participate in performances, the Musical Soiree, Tea Time Concerts and competitive festivals.

Performances and Concerts:
Music lessons, orchestras and choirs; almost any instrument can be learnt at Pennthorpe. Lessons are normally arranged on a weekly rotational basis in order to minimise disruption. Various orchestras and ensembles are organised to ensure pupils get the chance to perform as part of a group. Pennthorpe also has a proud tradition of choral singing and boasts a Chamber Choir (which children must audition for) and two other choirs – Rock Choir and Rock Choir II (which are open to all).

Parents are invited to join us for the regular programme of informal recitals and (slightly) more formal annual Soirées, as well as the Choir visits to Cathedrals and local Festivals.


There is something for everyone in Drama. Whether a budding Oscar winner, technical whizz with sound and lighting or artistic flair for props and scenery, all pupil take part. Weekly lessons provide an insight into the various dramatical skills and all children can involve themselves in regular performances as well as LAMDA and Musical Theatre.


Drama and the Performing Arts are an integral part of the syllabus and lessons take place in our Performing Arts Studio. Major productions take place throughout the year. Year 5 and 6 have their productions in the Spring Term, whilst Year 7 perform in the first half of the Summer Term. The year concludes with Year 8’s production at the end of the Summer Term. Parents, family and friends are encouraged to come to performances whether or not they have children performing.

Pennthorpe is also a centre for LAMDA tuition and many children take their graded exams.

A huge array of musical instrument lessons are available

Year 6 girls enjoying their stage performance

Our famous pBand having fun during a rehearsal

Literally becoming literary characters on World Book Day!

Experiencing the joy of music from around the globe

A sensational performance of the Adaams Family

Experiencing a day in the life as a professional performer

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