Prep (7-13 Years)

Prep Sport

Games and Physical Education (PE) develops pupils’ physical confidence, competence and their ability to use the skills learnt to engage and perform in a range of activities.  It promotes physical skillfulness, physical development and a knowledge of the body and its requirements whilst in action and at rest.

Games and PE provides opportunities for pupils to be creative in their thinking and performing, to be competitive and to embrace challenges both individually and as part of a team.  Pupils are encouraged to problem solve, to take risks within their own and team performance and to set themselves targets for improvement.  Through all activity there is an emphasis on promoting a positive attitude towards being active and living a long term healthy lifestyle.

At Pennthorpe, pupils enjoy a significant amount of physical exercise. Pupils enjoy a weekly PE lesson as well as two to three Games lessons per week.


We try very hard to create opportunities for all children to represent their school in sports teams regardless of their natural sporting ability. Interschool matches for Years 5 to 8 usually take place on Wednesday afternoons. You will receive a notification via the Parent Portal if a match has been cancelled due to adverse weather. All parents, friends and relatives are warmly invited to attend the matches, whether home or away, and to join us for tea after the match has finished, or for cricket, during the interval.
Children must stay for match tea and are free to go home in uniform after they have finished their obligations as hosts to the visiting team. There are school team strips for most teams which are supplied and laundered by the school.

Games and PE:


Hockey / netball


Tag Rugby


Netball (Girls)


Rounders (Girls)

Sports Day heats

IAPS athletics preparation (in Y5+)

PEWoodland Games (in Y3 and Y4)

Gymnastics (in Y3 and Y4)

Basketball (in Y5+)

Badminton (in Y5+)


Short Tennis (in Y3 and Y4)

Invasion Games (in Y3 and Y4)

Dodgeball (in Y5+)

Hockey skills (in Y5+)

Health related fitness (in Y5+)


Sports Day preparation

Learning cricket skills

Psychological preparation for the long jump

A brief rest during a rugby tournament

Celebrations for the Year 8 netball team

Action packed house cricket competition

A tense tennis match in the sun

Running to victory!

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