Prep (7-13 Years)

RISE Program

The happiness and well-being of all our pupils is extremely important to us and we have programmes in place to help pupils develop the tools to manage their own emotions and cultivate habits that will help them live a happy and fulfilling life. Throughout these programmes, pupils will work closely with form tutors, coaches and mentors both in small groups and one to one.

Pennthorpe has devised it’s own wellbeing program, designed to support all children in an individual, organic manner with the support of a Tutor, Mentor and personal Coach. The system develops as follows:

Years 3 and 4: ROOTS
Years 5 and 6: SHOOTS
Years 7 and 8: RISE

The ROOTS and SHOOTS programmes are positive mental health approaches which focus on building positive emotions and self-esteem in pupils.

The RISE programme will focus on developing key skills and attitudes that will help our senior pupils prepare for their future as they enter the final stages of their Pennthorpe journey. These are:

R – Resilience/Responsibility (Leadership)
I – Intelligence (Analytical, Creative, Emotional)/Interpersonal skills
S – Self-discipline/social responsibility (Local and Global)
E – Emotional Wellbeing (Being happy and confident)

Developing friendships which focus on fun

Finding ways to relax

Sharing in each others joy and success

Growing in confidence through shared experiences

Having fun and relaxing

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