Prep (7-13 Years)

The Prep School Day

Our Prep school day is designed to complement our children’s natural rhythms; with problem solving tasks that require speed, focus and alertness, such as Maths, being scheduled in the mornings when our brains are more alert, and tasks that require being open to discussion and being creative, such as Humanities, are scheduled later in the day. Time is set aside for Sport three afternoons each week, as at Pennthorpe we strongly believe in the positive association between physical activity and cardio-metabolic health, muscular strength, bone health, cardio-respiratory fitness, self-esteem, anxiety/stress, academic achievement, cognitive functioning, attention/concentration, confidence, and peer friendship.  Lessons are taught by subject specialist teachers throughout the curriculum, which fuels the children’s imagination and inspires them to be creative, adventurous and committed in their learning.

End of the day (blobbing):

All Prep School children await collection outside the front of School, except Year 3 children who will be collected from the Terrace.Year 3 and 4 pupils sign out with their Class Teacher every day, or their Games Teacher on a match day. For pupils in Years 5 to 8, on all days apart from Wednesdays, they must ‘blob out’ (children say ‘Good Bye’ and sign out with the Duty Teacher before leaving). On a Wednesday they ‘blob out’ with the member of staff who has taken their team for a match.

Wraparound Care Arrangements:

At Pennthorpe, we pride ourselves on our wraparound care.

Pupils who need to be dropped off earlier than the time above can be booked into Breakfast Club from 7:30am.

After school, Parents can choose between our After School Club (aka Flexiday) or a range of extra-curricular clubs (aka Flexiday Activities); both of which enable flexibility for parents who need to pick children up later than the end of their child’s school day. Our After School Club is designed to provide supervision for children whilst they are encouraged to play, read or relax. The range of extra-curricular activities is vast!

Tea is available for all children at 5.00pm in the main dining room.

Wrap around care is open until 7.00pm, supporting those parents who require additional support due to work or other commitments.


Year 3&4Year 5&6Year 7&8
Drop off08:15 – 08:20am (Playground)

Lessons start at 08:30am

Lunch/Break12:30 – 1:30pm1:00 – 2:00pm1:00 – 2:00pm
End of School Day4:00pm

Y3: collect from Terrace

Y4: Collect from front of school


Collect from front of school

5:00pm (or 4:15pm on Wednesdays)

Collect from front of school

PrepNo Prep4:00 – 5:00pm

No Prep Wednesday

5:00 – 6:00pm

No Prep Wednesday or Friday

Enthralled by Biology: getting stuck into dissection

Spending time in nature: den building in our woodland

Participation in engaging lessons

Passionate teachers inspiring a love of learning

Team work makes the (Goblin) dream work!

Participation in engaging lessons

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